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The Use of Formwork for Concrete in Construction

Posted on July 23, 2018 in Home Resources

Formwork for concrete serves as a support and mould to create structures out of concrete which is poured into a mould. There are different types of formwork used in construction, but they would often differ according the challenges and building requirements.

In most cases, a concrete formwork is used by creating moulds out of aluminum, wood, or steel. This is then left to harden and set and will be stripped afterwards. In the case of stay-in-place types of formwork it is left as part of the entire structure.

With the help of formwork, contractors can cast and construct the main parts of a facility. These are the ones that need to be strong and be able to support other structure such as walls and floors, and even the smaller parts like stairs.


Different Types of Formwork

Formwork for concrete used in construction comes in different types. A traditional timber formwork for instance makes use of plywood and timber to form the mould for pouring. This method is a lot compared to others but may not be as effective since wood is not as much strong like steel or metal. However, in complicated parts of the building that needs more attention to detail, a timber formwork is generally used.

For engineered formwork system, prefabricated moulds are often used. These are made from a metal frame either aluminum or steel. This type of formwork is also much cheaper and be used more quickly than a traditional one. It has extremely strong frames and rarely needs replacement, thus reducing cost and labor. Moreover, since this formwork system is engineered, the construction is faster and less manpower is required, which equates to more savings. For simple structures, they can be built using reusable plastic formwork system which consists of lightweight, strong, and interlocking systems.

Another type is the stay-in-place formwork. This one is generally used to support parts of a structure. This type also consists of insulating concrete forms. This means that they are filled with reinforced concrete and once they are set, will be left in place.


About Concrete

In the field of construction, especially in this modern time, concrete is used to pour into the formwork systems to come up with a structure of parts of it. It is made of cement along with other substances such as granite, limestone, gravel and sand. It is then mixed with water to form the mixture. When water has been added, the mixture will undergo hydration as the reaction between the cement and water leading to the hard substance of concrete that is used in construction. When concrete is mixed, the quality and success of the concrete in a structure in known as workability. This is why concrete is a staple in the world of construction.


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