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Male Hormone Replacement Therapy and Its Anti-Aging Benefits

Posted on July 3, 2018 in Health

28Male hormone replacement therapy offers the promise of making you feel and look younger. Decades have been spent to research about it and practice have proven that it indeed does what it promises.

The endocrine system is capable of producing over 50 kinds of chemicals and hormones that regulate almost all of the biological processes. Hormones need to be replaced as we grow older as aging can interrupt their normal production. Although there are some levels of hormone that increases, others decrease. Whichever it is, any related hormonal imbalances often cause various symptoms and different conditions.


Anti-Aging Benefits of Hormone Therapy

With the help of the therapy, low hormone levels can be restored back to their normal levels and in the process, it improves the appearance, health, and vitality. Some of the popular benefits of the therapy in terms of being an anti-aging treatment includes:

  •         Lesser wrinkles
  •         Better skin tone
  •         Reduces fatigue
  •         Reduces stress
  •         Enhanced concentration and memory
  •         Lesser mood swings, anger, bad temper, depression, and irritability
  •         Lesser backache and joint pain


Additionally, for women:

  •         Reduction of menopausal symptoms
  •         Higher energy, muscle mass, and helps burn fat
  •         Reduction of insomnia leading to sound sleep
  •         Better immune system efficiency
  •         Reduction of the potential to develop heart disease and osteoporosis


Additionally, for men:

  •         Muscle and tissue development
  •         Increased bone density
  •         Higher libido
  •         More energy
  •         feeling of well-being


Hormone Replacement Options

The benefits that one has to gain greatly depend on the type of male hormone replacement therapy. Some of the options include:

Bio-identical HRT

For this, the hormones are being processed from vegetable sources like yams and soybeans. However, they are identical in structure with the hormones that are being produced in the body.

As it is used in hormone replacement therapy, this helps ease menopausal symptoms, as well as protects the body against strokes and heart attacks, osteoporosis, cholesterol imbalances, senility, and uterine and breast cancer.


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy

HGH plays an important role in organ and tissue development and maintenance and it is produced by the pituitary gland. However, HGH levels tend to peak in your 20’s. Upon reaching your 60’s, they drop for up to 80%.

With the help of the treatment, there will be an increase in bone and muscle mass, while reducing fat so you will have more energy. This also leads to the improvement of the immune system and lipid profile, as well as learning and spatial memory.


Testosterone HRT

This one is sometimes called as the male sex hormone, though it is actually produced in small amounts (women). Administering this therapy offers benefits on the muscles and lean tissue mass, libido, and bone density. Those who undergo the said treatment have experienced a boost in their energy, feelings, and well-being.