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Land for Sale in Thornhill Park Buying Tips

Posted on July 18, 2018 in Real Estate

What is interesting about investing in land is the fact that the cost can vary so you can always choose considering your budget. The farther away it is from the city, the cheaper it tends to be. One reason why people decide to purchase land is their desire to build a home according to their specifications. They also want bigger space and cleaner air. Wide and open areas with no trees are perfect setting to install solar panel, which is often a concern for many environment-friendly buyers. If you are in the search for land for sale and you happen to choose Thornhill Park as the location, be sure to consider the following factors below.


What to Consider Before Buying Land

Zoning Requirement

Check with the local authorities in order to determine the zoning ordinances in the area. This will help you know if it’s possible to build a home that you want in the land you are considering. You also inquire whether they have plans to put up airports or shopping centers and other establishments. This will help you decide whether you should give it a go or not.


Natural Hazards

Make sure that you have a natural hazard disclosure. You should also look into possible soil problems. The disclosure will help you determine if the land you are considering is a protected habitat or not. Is it also a fire hazard area? Is the fire department in the area supported only by volunteers? This and more are some of things you should consider.



If it happens that the land is located near hills, consider the possibility for it to move. There are some slab foundations that have the tendency to crack if the land is unstable. Check if your parcel is within the path of a possible landslide, especially if there are a lot of oceanfront cliffs. If the land you are considering is near some bodies of water, you should consider a raised foundation. Also, make sure that you have flood insurance.



Water is definitely important but not all water is potable. There are cases when water rights do not run with the land. This means that you cannot dig a well. So, you need to find out the depth of the water and consider the difficulty of digging. Is it mostly rock? It can be very expensive to bring telephone, electricity, and cable services if they are not yet established. Will you be needing propane tank? You should also consider a generator in case of power outages.

Buying land for sale in Thornhill Park is definitely a big investment and for sure, you want to make the most out of it. Whether you have plans of building a house or a business in that land, just be sure that you consider the above factors so you will not end up wasting money.