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How Come Sonic Drill Is More Advantageous Than Traditional Drill Methods?

Posted on June 8, 2019 in Oil and Gas

 How Come Sonic Drill Is More Advantageous Than Traditional Drill Methods?

Compared to other drill techniques we now have, what makes the sonic drill more relevant and more advantageous? We may not qualify this technique as a brand new drill technology since it has been around for quite some time now, did you know that the industry up to this very day has remained to what we refer to as the “adoption phase”.

The adoption phase simply means that the contractors will need to educate their geotechnical, water well, mining and environmental clients regarding its nature, how it works, why it is more impacting and why it is a better choice of drilling technique compared to others. They need to help understand every important aspect about it first before they can fully employ it as a method of choice and not come across any form of resistance about it or going against it.  

Waste Reduction

By up to 80% of an entire drill process, waste can be reduced by implementing this type of drilling technique. It effectively removes slough by virtue of its casing advancement system. With this process in place, it allows for enhanced sample integrity even through dolomite, sand, limestone and many other unconsolidated materials.

Cleanest Method of Drilling

Sonic drilling technique does not necessitate the use of air or mud during the drilling process. This is one of the reasons why it has become the method of choice in geotechnical, geo-construction and for environmental applications, too.  

During the course of any mining project, air or water incorporated is likely to produce some kind of disturbance. This occurring can have a huge impact on the mechanical properties of the soil and thus would actually promote soil erosion. With this happening on the project site, it may induce partial landslide to happen.  

Lesser Issues with Lesser Power

Compared to other drilling techniques, sonic type of drilling requires less power. And despite all that, it can still manage to deliver the very same impact that traditional drilling methods are known to deliver. This also reduces the chances of torsional forces to occur on the drill string.

Sonic Drill is a Much Faster Method

By employing high-frequency resonance, the friction which is a usual occurrence observed between the encountered subsurface material and the core barrel can be reduced or mitigated in intensity. This allows for maximum core recovery to occur as well as to promote a more efficient penetration regardless of any condition of the subsurface.

Provides Relevant Information

Regardless of the soil formation that you have on your project site, sonic drilling method can still uniquely provide you with a relatively accurate core sample. It is good and has more value in it in the sense that it comes with unmatched quality.  Geologists, environmental scientists, and drillers will be able to determine exactly where the sample is extracted from considering the fact that will have 1% less deviation.


We are qualifying sonic type of drill as an inherently cleaner, more environment-friendly way to drill the earth’s surface, the reason being that it is likely to produce minimal amounts of traditional waste materials to which other drilling methods would only struggle to have. Thus, it proves to be a method of choice if your project is sited in what can be described as a sensitive geological location.  

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