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Plasma vs. Laser vs. Water Jet Cutting

Posted on July 11, 2019 in Machine Repairs

If you have been involved in the metal fabrication industry for quite some time now, chances are high that you might have asked yourself this quintessential question before, “plasma, laser or water jet cutting? Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer for this, simply because it all depends on what you really put more value in. In order to put on a resolution to this dilemma, we need to have a breakdown of the technical and economic aspects of these primary metal cutting solutions. 

Plasma Cutting 

The working idea behind plasma jet cutting method is to utilize an electrically conductive gas so that energy can be transferred from an energy power source through a plasma cutting torch then towards the material that you wanted to cut.  Distinguished for its high-level of efficiency in cutting through a variety of metals, plasma cutting is earned a good reputation as being the least expensive among the three options to which we are giving details here:  


  • Economical
  • Cutting accuracy exceedingly better than 0.00*” 
  • Capable of cutting through a wide array of metals 
  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Impressive hole quality

Perceived Disadvantages 

Plasma vs. Laser vs. Water Jet Cutting
  • A lesser level of accuracy when compared to water jet cutting and laser cutting
  • In order to deal with different materials, you need to change the cutting edge.  
  • Creates fumes which are a byproduct of this cutting method. 
  • Slipshod edge quality  with some materials
  • Produces fumes in the cutting process
  • Poor edge quality on some materials
  • Laser Cutting

In order to cut a wide range of materials, laser metal cutting makes use, as the name itself suggests, laser beams. This method of cutting is a notch higher in comparison to plasma cutting because it utilizes a lesser amount of energy as it cuts through steel and aluminum.  

Laser Cutting Advantages

  • Allows for faster cutting of intricate shapes sans the need for tooling.
  • Cuts through various materials with  varying degrees of thicknesses simultaneously
  • Capable of  cutting through narrow widths
  • Efficient cutting method for both nonmetals and qualified metals. 
  • A fast method of cutting metal 
  • Efficient job processing
  • Reliable

Perceived Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

  • Much more expensive in comparison to other methods of cutting
  • Requires higher levels of accuracy when placing lasers
  • Difficult to use on reflexive metals


You can determine the level of accuracy of a cutting machine by making a comparative analysis of the actual measurements of the final part to the programmed part size. The absence of heat distortion is making water jet cutter most accurate, trailing behind it is last and plasma cutting.  

5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Machine Repairs

Is it high time that you buy your first or next in line packaging machine for your business? Soon after you crunched the numbers, weighed out all the possible pros and cons, and you’ve taken a look into other alternative options – what’s the next course of action you should take?

5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Next up would be making up your mind on the kind of packaging and labeling machine that you will want to acquire. The following points will help and guide you through this so that you can actually choose the best packing machine to use for your company as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Speed of Packaging Machine

The speed and the amount of products that you are intending to put out every single day in your business is one of the major determining factors on the type of packing machine that you will need to consider. Should this be the first time ever that you will invest in a packaging tool, then there may be no need for you to look into the big guns just yet. Don’t get yourself intimidated and buy the idea that bigger constitutes better quality. Start with whatever it is that you can, and you can take things from there.

2. Staff Training

The amount of training that your staff and personnel will need to go through will highly depend upon the type of packing machine you will acquire. This will also reflect on the education level they need to have with respect to the packaging machine as well as the number of hours that might be required of them to operate it.  

3. Variety of Packaging Options

The diversity of products that your business have on offer, as well as the goals you set, will all help determine the type and size of packing machinery would be best suited to your company’s packaging operation.

If you are anticipating to put out several varieties of SKU’s a day, the use of a premade pouch may work for you. A Form-Fill-Seal machine may not be a practical option here because it may take some time to set things up and changeover.

However, if what you have in mind is just to center your energy and attention to just one product line a day, and you will require a high output for that, a Form-Fill-Seal packing machine is your practical option since it will help meet your set goals

4.   Operating and Overhead Costs

Much like any other major purchase or acquisition that you will have for your business, the initial cost of your acquired packing machinery should not be your lone prime consideration. While there are machines that will come to you with a bigger upfront price tag, normally we expect them to run smoother, seamless to operate and thus have far better efficiencies.

5. Waste and Waste Disposal

It is paramount for companies that are involved in the manufacturing industry to have a high level of awareness on waste management. Global circumstances ushered us into a new era where business entities would exert some needed effort to reduce the waste they are producing were possible, and not only for financial reasons but also for environmental reasons.  Related: cryovac bags

Maintaining A Waterjet Machine

Posted on July 31, 2018 in Machine Repairs

Upon getting your very first waterjet machine, you might have been overwhelmed on the first days of undergoing the necessary training. But undergoing it is important and once it’s done, you will be confident knowing that can operate the machine, as well as how to properly maintain it.

But it will be after some weeks or months before you can actually have your very first maintenance or longer before you have to rebuild pumps. When these things happen, you might have already forgotten the things that you have learned. This is the time when you need to consider the help of someone or one from the distributor to provide advanced training to properly operate the machine and a refresher on how to perform maintenance.


Frequency of maintenance

A waterjet machine needs maintenance. You can expect that you will have to change the nozzle parts, as well as the pump parts. The nozzle parts are changed more frequently compared to the pump parts. At the same time, you need to have some spares ready so you won’t have to put on hold the machining while you wait for the spare parts.

If you have hard or dirty water you may need to maintain all of them or just buy a filtration system and water softener.


Ease of maintenance

In most cases, any person who could change the brake pads is capable of keeping an abrasive jet with just a day of training with a manual. Mixing tubes that wear out can be replaced easily but pumps will require regular seal changes. Considering the design of the pump, the seals could be easy and quick or awkward and time consuming to change.


Reducing maintenance

Maintaining a water jet cutter can be easy but it would be so much better if you can lessen the need to maintain it.


Start with clean water

If the water has some dissolved chemicals or particles are present, this can accumulate on a high-pressure component and encourage wear. These dissolved minerals could become deposits on the top of the jewel and cause the machine to cut inefficiently or worse, deflect it sideways. Likewise, particles can cause the machine to misalign and up the mixing tube. Dirt in high-pressure plumbing are considered to be bullets that can crack the jewel.

One thing that greatly impacts maintenance is water quality. Quality water means lesser maintenance and a lot more time to cut and make money with the machine.


Be clean

Even the tiniest of dirt can have distressing effects on the life of the nozzle and the component as a whole. As water jet cutting machine often operate in harsh environments, the kind that is surrounded with abrasives and machining tools, it’s important to stay vigilant. Doing so will ensure that everything will be as clean as it can be in order to avoid any unnecessary maintenance.



How Important is Machine Repair?

Posted on July 25, 2018 in Machine Repairs

The popular saying prevention is better than cure is very true and can in fact be applied to the many aspects of life, even in business. When it comes to the of machine for instance, maintenance plays an important role to make sure that the machine is at its best performance and will deliver the expected results. Failure to do so can lead to big losses and this is something that none of us would want to happen. For those who do not value the importance of machine repair and regular maintenance, the benefits of doing so listed below will definitely change your minds.


Benefits of Repair and Maintenance

Improves Performance

Highly maintained just performs better compared to those that are not. For instance, printers will have less wasted toner with the help of maintenance and will be able to increase the print volume. At the same time, toner application will be so much smoother and any streak or marks will be kept at bay. With regular maintenance, print quality will always be at its best.


Prevents Damage

A simple check to make sure that all parts are operating and functioning properly can help catch problems immediately, thus preventing any damage that may require extensive repairs. In addition, machine maintenance will minimize wear and tear which can prolong the life of the machine.


Improves Efficiency

Less downtime will mean that the machine can produce more. Machine repair and maintenance can also eliminate any distraction that are caused by performance problems. This will help the team to accomplish their tasks and meet deadlines. Any mechanical failure will also be avoided, thus eliminating anything that can get in the way of the business operation.



Having a DIY maintenance kit is helpful to make sure that the machine runs smoothly without any problems. For instance, you can make use of simple cleaning materials to get rid of dirt and any unwanted particles. You can also have a flashlight ready so you can check and identify problems and provide immediate solution.

Professional Maintenance Programs

Maintenance programs such as air compressor repairs can be a great investment to ensure the wellness of your machine. This will also help control costs while improving performance.

A maintenance program is an investment in machine wellness, one that will help control costs and improve performance. In most cases, it covers some parts and labor to all labor, bundles, and supplies.

Good machine maintenance is a simple but effective way to keep your equipment running longer with better quality results. If you are a business owner, you need to make sure that these things are met as it would mean protecting your investment. You definitely wouldn’t want to keep spending your money on unnecessary repairs which could have been avoided in the first place.



CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale: How Does it Work?

Posted on July 24, 2018 in Machine Repairs

CNC or also known as computer numerical control has been fused in an assortment of new technologies and hardware. Among them is a CNC plasma cutter. The cutting process goes through an electrically conductive materials with the use of a quickened fly of hot plasma that is directly coordinated on the material that is being cut.

With a CNC plasma cutter for sale that we have in today’s time, copper, steel, metal, and aluminum are just some of the materials that can be cut. Aside from this, so many more conductive materials can be successfully reduced with the use of a CNC cutter.


Where is a CNC Cutter Used?

The cutter can be utilized in various conditions. Some of them would be in welding centers, auto repair, mechanical development sites, reclamation shops, and rescue task locales. At the same time, it is utilized by specialists at home or in large creation offices. These plasma cutters have indeed turned out to be an affordable option yet can be used in so many conditions.

Typically, a CNC plasma cutter for sale is a PC-run framework that conveys a plasma burn. The machine moves the light in various ways with the use of numerical coding that has already been modified into the PC. There is another handheld plasma cutting apparatus that is being used like plasmacam machines, although the majority of them are not really furnished with the exact highlights. The machine utilizes mechanical cutting. It is also automated and it comprised of a straight-surged burn. The interface of this light is controlled by CNC.


CNC Plasma Cutter

In case you are cutting steel, it’s important to keep in mind that your goal is to remove some parts of the steel plate. In this case, the developments of the light of the machine is primarily controlled by CNC. There is a program that has G and M codes that portrays the exact shape of the piece. Together with proper planning, the coveted cut can be accomplished.

It is important to note that such plasma cutters are not the same as with that in water stream cutters, factories, or other CNC frameworks because of the use of light with extreme warmth. These cutters are another creation option to control different kinds of widely recognized heavy materials. This makes a CNC cutter a great choice when it comes to supporting when there is a need to assemble a number of things.

In many applications, the machine is the preferred option as it can deliver quality results at as faster rate. It is no wonder why in this competitive world where there are now so many industries more than ever, seeing the machine in the market has become a common thing.