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What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Health

There are many different kinds of vacuum packaging machines, each of which caters to a particular kind of food that is being packed. Aside from that, these machines may also come with their own packing style, and this one will depend upon the product’s expected storage life.

 What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Some types of food are highly perishable than others. These include frozen items and processed meats we normally see and buy in a local supermarket. In order to extend their shelf life, a vacuum sealing machine may be of significant help for this purpose.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Extends Shelf Life and Preserves Food

The main reason why vacuum packed foods have a longer shelf life is that air inside them has been suctioned out. In the complete absence of air, the different types of aerobic microorganisms they contain will hardly thrive.

Even if these microorganisms are not seen by the naked eye, they are present in your processed food items and are responsible for their premature deterioration.

Without a  high-quality vacuum sealer,  a tiny packet of air inside a food packaging is more than enough for these microorganisms to thrive with, causing them to multiply even more and spread. Eventually, they will cause the food item to have a fusty appearance and smell, rendering it unfit for human consumption.  

Saves You Money

Extending the shelf life of processed food items for longer signify less food spoilage. Needless to say, this works to your advantage because it means that less food you buy will ever go to waste.

Eliminates the Need for Additives

Unlike many other food preservation techniques passed on from generation to generation, the need for nasty additives in commonly consumed food items can be taken out of the picture with vacuum sealing.

The unsuspecting consuming public is unaware of the fact that commercially manufactured food usually contain additives to preserve and extend their shelf life. Long term consumption of such additives may possibly lead to serious health repercussions.

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Prevents Freezer Burns

Vacuum packing a food item will give it an airtight environment. This will help prevent the crystal-causing freezer burns from taking form and shape on your food. In addition to that, vacuum-packed food items help keep their moisture content intact for an extended period of time. This will help preserve the natural taste and flavors of the food item you, even months after you stored it.

Keeps Your Food Fresher for Longer

It will not only help prevent your food items from spoilage,  vacuum packing/storing will also keep the fats in your food items from ever going rancid. Aside from this, it will also help your food items retain and preserve their natural colors which normally changes when they are kept in the freezer for far too long.

Invest in your own vacuum packaging machine. It is practical and indispensable tool to have. You can have it for home-use but it is essential for businesses that are involved in the food manufacturing industry.

Health Concerns about Low T

Posted on March 22, 2019 in Health

Testosterone is a hormone produced in a man’s body, particularly the testes. This hormone helps a male baby in developing and forming his sex organs. Testosterone also greatly contributes in the physical development of boys during their puberty stage. This hormone is responsible in making a boy a man. It helps build bulky muscles, deepen the voice, and grow facial hair. In the adult stage, this male hormone is essential to men’s sexual function.

Low Testosterone

As men get older, testosterone levels in the body gradually declines. It is a normal process, as it is part of aging. The older men get, the lower the levels of testosterone drop. However, aging is not the only thing that could cause testosterone levels to go down. Injuries to the testicles, chemotherapy or radiation, HIV, and other serious illnesses especially involving the pituitary gland can also lower testosterone levels, and can even stop the testes from producing the hormone. Steroids can also trigger the decrease of testosterone in the body.

Low levels of testosterone can have serious effects on the body, and sometimes even lead to death, as shown in some studies. Some studies also show a strong linkage between obesity and low testosterone, which increases the probability of acquiring other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, depression, and weakening of the bones that could possibly lead to osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis can have brittle bones, and makes them more at risk of getting an injury. Everyone should keep a healthy lifestyle to help the body maintain its normal levels of testosterone.


Treating Low Testosterone

If your testosterone levels are low, based on your blood tests, your doctor may prescribe you the testosterone replacement therapy. However, testosterone replacement therapy is not recommended in patients with serious medical conditions such as prostate cancer, as testosterone aggravates the cancer. Testosterone replacement Sydney are available in different methods.

Most men choose to have the testosterone gel on their arms or shoulders, and other prefer to have the injections. Another method is the testosterone patch that slowly releases the hormone into the bloodstream through the skin. Testosterone pellets are also slow-releasing testosterone therapy that are implanted under the skin. Oral testosterone pills are also available for other patients.


Knowing When is the Treatment Needed

For the past recent years, advertising and marketing of testosterone replacement therapy has been growing. Many drug companies have heavily marketed products that are made to boost and treat low testosterone. Many of these drugs and medications are not readily available over the counter of drugstores. Over the last decade, the number of men using testosterone therapy has increased dramatically, according to a study. However, it is of utmost importance to be tested first before taking testosterone therapy. If you are having low testosterone symptoms, go see your doctor, so that you will know whether you really need the treatment or not. Do not self-medicate.

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Important Facts to Know about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Posted on February 22, 2019 in Health

Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular procedure for people, especially to those who are struggling to lose weight through various means. Surgery is considered to be an effective and safe solution to curb intake that helps shed pounds, which eventually results in improvement to the health of a patient.

If you are someone who is obese or struggling with constant weight gain, then a bariatric doctor can be of help. He may recommend gastric sleeve or other procedures. However, since each surgery is different from the other and each person has a different situation, it is a must to understand the different options and choose the right one in accordance to your needs.

Below are information that can serve as a guide to better understanding what kind of surgery a gastric sleeve is and other things involved in it. However, make sure that you speak with a medical professional who is capable of answering questions and to determine if the procedure is right for you.


What to Know about the Surgery?

  • Gastric sleeve surgery is also referred to as sleeve gastrectomy. There are those who sometime refer to it as “the sleeve”.
  • The surgery involves creating a so-called sleeve inside the stomach. Essentially, it is a thin and vertical passageway for the food to get through the digestive system.
  • This sleeve is created by excising a part of the stomach with the use of a surgical stapling device. The excised portion is then separated, thus leaving a smaller space of the newly created sleeve where food could pass through the digestive tract.
  • Given the lesser space in the stomach, the sleeve will cause the patient to feel full a lot more quickly when eating.
  • By reaching such level of fullness, a patient who receives the procedure can greatly decrease his food intake. Also, the person will be likely to eat smaller amounts of food as they feel that they don’t have enough room in their stomach for more servings.
  • Foods pass through the digestive tract like how it normally does and this is fully absorbed in the body. There is basically no alteration in the digestive process of the stomach.
  • Gastric sleeve is different from gastric bypass surgery through the weight loss results are similar. In the case of gastric bypass, the food bypasses a part of small intestine, thus altering the normal digestive process of the body.
  • The surgery is often performed laparoscopically which means that it is minimally invasive. Also, this means that the required hospitals stay will be shorter, which results to faster recovery with lesser pain and smaller scars.

Patients who undergo this procedure are advised to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle along with a nutrient-rich and balanced diet and the right amount of exercise.


How to Know if You Need TRT

Posted on November 30, 2018 in Health

News about low testosterone or testosterone deficient, commonly known as “Low T,” seem to be widespread now a days. According to recent studies, prescriptions tripled within the past years for men over the age 40 and above. However, the hormone replacement therapy for men may not be for everyone.

It is imperative that you consult your doctor, get tested, and be diagnosed accordingly. Never do self-medication. If you are not sure where to go, you’ll find many testosterone replacement clinics within Australia, where you can get checked.


Who needs testosterone replacement therapy?

Low testosterone is not a disease on its own, but oftentimes a natural occurrence that comes with age. A man can have low testosterone, but still be fit and well physically, mentally, and sexually. This is why the diagnosis consists of two parts, namely the number of testosterone, and the symptoms.

Men with low testosterone or testosterone deficiency syndrome, or androgen deficiency in aging men (ADAM), often have low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, and fatigue, lack of focus and concentration, and depression. However, these symptoms can also have many possible causes. Usually, the only way to confirm a diagnosis is a trial period of treatment and monitoring. Treatment can be in a few months, and the doctor will observe whether the symptoms improve or testosterone level increases.


Misinformation and Overtreatment

Misinformation can lead to unnecessary treatment. A number of men also perceive testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a fountain of youth. Many people are being treated for have low testosterone, but no symptoms. Some are also being treated who have symptoms, but their testosterone level is fine. The two really need to go together to safely recommend the treatment. Another mistake is faulty testing. A man’s testosterone is at its peak in the morning, so blood should be drawn in those hours. Blood tests should be scheduled before 11 a.m.

Unnecessary testosterone replacement therapy can be very risky. Risks include higher chance of heart attack or stroke, mood swings and aggression, smaller testicles, and urinary symptoms, and so on.

TRT is not advised on men with certain medical conditions such as metastatic prostate cancer, untreated sleep apnea or severe urinary problems. Young men hoping to start a family should not have the therapy as well because it can lead to infertility as it can lower sperm count.



On the flipside, low testosterone is sometimes undertreated. A large numbers of men who would benefit from the therapy, but are not being tested because they do not know about it or fear of taking it. Chronic conditions often coincide with low testosterone as well, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and kidney failure. Because their symptoms can easily be blamed on their chronic condition, most of these men with these illnesses are never tested.


Bottom Line

Consult your doctor to make sure you really need the therapy. Otherwise, find out whether you have other medical conditions that are causing the symptoms or low testosterone level that need to be treated.



Male Hormone Replacement Therapy and Its Anti-Aging Benefits

Posted on July 3, 2018 in Health

28Male hormone replacement therapy offers the promise of making you feel and look younger. Decades have been spent to research about it and practice have proven that it indeed does what it promises.

The endocrine system is capable of producing over 50 kinds of chemicals and hormones that regulate almost all of the biological processes. Hormones need to be replaced as we grow older as aging can interrupt their normal production. Although there are some levels of hormone that increases, others decrease. Whichever it is, any related hormonal imbalances often cause various symptoms and different conditions.


Anti-Aging Benefits of Hormone Therapy

With the help of the therapy, low hormone levels can be restored back to their normal levels and in the process, it improves the appearance, health, and vitality. Some of the popular benefits of the therapy in terms of being an anti-aging treatment includes:

  •         Lesser wrinkles
  •         Better skin tone
  •         Reduces fatigue
  •         Reduces stress
  •         Enhanced concentration and memory
  •         Lesser mood swings, anger, bad temper, depression, and irritability
  •         Lesser backache and joint pain


Additionally, for women:

  •         Reduction of menopausal symptoms
  •         Higher energy, muscle mass, and helps burn fat
  •         Reduction of insomnia leading to sound sleep
  •         Better immune system efficiency
  •         Reduction of the potential to develop heart disease and osteoporosis


Additionally, for men:

  •         Muscle and tissue development
  •         Increased bone density
  •         Higher libido
  •         More energy
  •         feeling of well-being


Hormone Replacement Options

The benefits that one has to gain greatly depend on the type of male hormone replacement therapy. Some of the options include:

Bio-identical HRT

For this, the hormones are being processed from vegetable sources like yams and soybeans. However, they are identical in structure with the hormones that are being produced in the body.

As it is used in hormone replacement therapy, this helps ease menopausal symptoms, as well as protects the body against strokes and heart attacks, osteoporosis, cholesterol imbalances, senility, and uterine and breast cancer.


Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy

HGH plays an important role in organ and tissue development and maintenance and it is produced by the pituitary gland. However, HGH levels tend to peak in your 20’s. Upon reaching your 60’s, they drop for up to 80%.

With the help of the treatment, there will be an increase in bone and muscle mass, while reducing fat so you will have more energy. This also leads to the improvement of the immune system and lipid profile, as well as learning and spatial memory.


Testosterone HRT

This one is sometimes called as the male sex hormone, though it is actually produced in small amounts (women). Administering this therapy offers benefits on the muscles and lean tissue mass, libido, and bone density. Those who undergo the said treatment have experienced a boost in their energy, feelings, and well-being.