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Fire Cabinets: Storing Flammable Liquids the Right Way

Posted on April 22, 2019 in Environmental Care

Do you store harmful liquids like acids, paints, corrosives, and inks in your facility? If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure that you store them properly. In this case, fire cabinets can be of great help. Below are the reasons why.

Avoid Problems

The proper way of storage can help avoid different types of problems. For instance, this is a way to ensure that not only or your staff, but even your facility are safe. At the same time, you can spare yourself from paying fines as you are storing chemicals correctly. One best way to keep flammable chemicals is by storing them insider for fire cabinets.

Protecting the Items

Another way that a fire safety cabinet could help is by enabling the safe storage of chemicals. In case of fire in the facility, the items in the cabinets are safe. This is mainly because they are kept and not exposed to fire because exposure can pose a great risk of explosion.

Even if the fire is just small, when chemicals are unprotected, they could intensify the fire. But with safety cabinets, you can prevent this from happening. Having these cabinets is an important step to prevent industrial fires. But, this is not the only step there is. You should also store the liquids in approved safety cans. Then store the cans in the cabinets for additional safety.

As you search for the right safety cabinet for your needs, you need to look at the different types that are available for you to choose from such as the following.

Cabinets for Flammable Liquids

This type of cabinet is commonly used for fire safety. It is specially made to safely store flammable liquids. This type comes in different sizes and has manual or self-closing doors. It is in bright yellow so it is easily noticeable.

Cabinet for Paints and Inks

Paints and inks can also be fire hazards. For them, there are special cabinets available that can hold 30-90 gallons and also comes with self-closing or manual doors.

Cabinet for Drums

This is big enough to keep an entire drum that has chemicals inside. You can choose from hazmat and regular models that come in different capacities like 55, 60 and 110 gallons. This cabinet is also painted in yellow.

Safety is very important for everyone. In fact, as long as the facility is safe, everyone can move freely and be more productive. In this case, it is important to employ proper ways to ensure safety. To prevent fire, then fire safety cabinets are a must. So, if you have plans of having one in your facility, take your time in selecting and get the right one for your specific needs.

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Absorbent Mat: Choosing it Right

Posted on July 20, 2018 in Environmental Care

spill photo

Buying an absorbent mat for your business is a wise investment that has the potential to pay off in a form of safer and cleaner workplace. Regardless of how much you try to prevent it, spills are inevitable. If you have a business that makes use of oils, solvents or coolants, then laying some absorbent mats in the right place will keep the working environment safer in case of a spill. However, as they come in various types for you to choose from, how do you know that you have the best one that is perfect for your needs? Below are some considerations you can check prior to buying a mat for your specific needs.


What to Consider when Buying Absorbent Mats?

Type of Chemicals

If you have not done it yet, you need to know how to identify the different types of chemicals used in the workplace. With this information, you will be able to properly choose which mat is best for you, one that is specifically tailored to meet your needs. For example, there are some companies that use oily-only mats while there are those that prefer to use universal mats that can absorb not only oil, but even solvents, water, and coolants. After you have identified the types of chemicals in the workplace, you can then choose your mat accordingly.



One more specification when it comes to absorbent mats is its material, Low-grade and cheap materials are likely to result in faster wear and tear. This forces you to spend more money just to replace them. But with the use of absorbent mats that are made from professional grade materials, you need not to replace them as they do not get damaged easily.

For one, an industrial rug mat is made with recycled polypropylene and acrylic materials. This combination creates an exceptionally durable and strong mat that is perfect for high-traffic working environments. A universal absorbent mat is capable of absorbing coolants, oil, water, and solvents.

The bottom line here is that, it is important that you become successful in choosing the right mat. Make sure that it built using materials that are capable of withstanding foot traffic and absorbing any spills.



Knowing where you need to properly use your absorbent mats before buying is an important consideration. It’s important that you place them where they can offer the most benefits. For example, in factories, they often use place their absorbent mats under the machines like a forklift so they can protect it against oils, hydraulic fluids, and battery acids.

With the help of mats, machines and other equipment are well protected. This is what makes them a great investment that yields positive results and a lot of benefits for the company and the employees.