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Finding Used Geothermal Drilling Rigs

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Energy


A big amount of heat is available in the earth’s core. This is used to heat liquid that is sent down to depths where heat is very high and the liquid is returned to the surface. If this geothermal heat is utilized for heating of building and other similar applications, the site for drilling is in the vicinity. But if the temperature can be raised up to 135 degrees centigrade or higher, it is used to generate electricity. In this case, it would be best to opt for used geothermal drillings rigs.

In situations like this, the bore site is away from the area where there is a need to use electricity. Typically, the temperature inside increases at about 25 degree per kilometer. In this, there needs to drill a few more kilometers in order to transfer enough amount of heat for geothermal applications. Since drilling rigs are often expensive, it would be a practical choice to use a used geothermal rig.


Finding Used Rigs

Today, search engines play an important role in our lives like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These can be very useful when looking for good sources of used drill rigs for sale. There are many companies now that offer these rigs and have established their web presence. In most cases, these companies also have new rigs, but these ones are more expensive. These kinds of drills are mounter on caterpillar tracks to provide mobility. These configurations are very helpful in moving the drill rigs around the target sites.


Getting the Better Option

Since deeper drilling is a lot more expensive, the effort when doing drilling operations looks for locations where anomalies in the structure of the earth cause higher temperature magma to come near the surface. This makes it a lot cheaper to drill these sites where you can get higher temperatures with shorter bore holes.

For the kind of applications where the bore hole is distant from the site of application, you can easily drill for tapping geothermal energy at these locations. Used geotechnical drill rigs are delivered by selling companies directly to the sites.

Since the equipment is expensive, outright buying might not make sense in various situations. Financing options offered by banking institutions will be a great option. The loan can be paid off from cash flow that comes in various form. Thus, it is a good decision to buy a used geothermal drill rig for sale. From locating the source, you can begin with the short list from web search. The next step is to narrow down the list by talking to clients. A recommendation coming from a satisfied client is a good alternative.

Drilling wells is definitely a tough job, even for experienced drillers. However, making sure that you have the best and right drilling equipment is something that you need to keep in mind. You can find various dealers online that offer used drill rigs, thus be sure that you do your research before starting to dig.


Bunded Tanks in Different Industries

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Energy

If you are looking for the best storage solution for the fuel needs of your business, then bunded tanks will be the most reliable and safest option available today. At the same time, they are also required by law so you can rest assured that this is something that your business can greatly benefit from.

If your current business has fuel storage needs and you are reviewing the different options when choosing the right type of oil tank, you need to know the most important information about it. Here is a list of some of the industries that make use of these tanks and are enjoying their significant benefits.

Utilizing Bunded Fuel Tanks in Industry


Being in the agricultural industry can be very labor intensive and demanding kind of business to be a part of. Rearing livestock and growing crops need a lot of large capacity storage tanks for both food and water and the use of heavy machines that depend on fuel to keep the business going.

For farms in rural and isolated locations, their fuel should be purchased in bulk since depletion of reserves can take a long time to recover from and can even cause immeasurable damages to the business.

Bunded tanks provide both farm owners and agricultural businesses the needed protection to ensure that accidents will be prevented, thus, avoiding financial losses and costly environmental damages.



This industry deals with transporting freight and passengers around the world using air travel. Travelling at a very high speed needs a great amount of fuel for flights, thus, airports and hangars should be prepared to accommodate these needs.

The several aircrafts on the ground and in the air needs huge amounts of fuel storage. With bunded fuel tanks, the industry is given an important safety precautions that can reduce the risk of spillages which can be very fatal if they react badly with other types of substances and chemicals needed to keep the aircraft running.


Ship Building

Ships need fuel and other chemicals to transfer them from A to B. This is where tanks become very useful. There is a bigger danger of fuel spill in shipyards as even the smallest spill could contaminate a large area of water, thus causing harm to various species of birds, fish, and others in the sea, as well as on land and beaches. A bunded fuel tank is a significant requirement for environmentally responsible businesses.



The construction industry is majorly reliant on different building materials like concrete, lumber, and bricks and there are various pieces of machinery involved in this industry. It also needs vehicles for transportation to get the job done. These vehicles are usually diesel or petrol fueled which means that construction businesses should have fuel ready.

The many benefits that this type of tank has to offer is a proof like we are seeing it in many industries-making the job easier and providing a safer environment for everyone.

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