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Balusters and Balustrades: Are they the Same Thing?

Posted on July 23, 2018 in Home Resources

Balustrades have been widely used in creating some of the best world structures that were built using various architectural styles. As time passed by, these features that were used to be made of later wood and stone, concrete and metal as utilized in their construction. Along with the advancements in technology, materials like vinyl started to be commonly used today. This is also why glass balustrade has become a popular choice in residential and commercial installations.

A balustrade comes in various styles. There are those that are frameless, semi-framed, or fully-framed. Having them in your installation will not only add beauty but will also make any structure more functional. It can also be used both in interior and exterior applications.

However, there are many people who get confused whether a balustrade and baluster are the same thing. Knowing the differences between these two will help you in choosing the right material for your specific needs.


Understanding the Differences

The majority of customers are eager to know about the pros and cons of these two and whether there is really a difference or not. Below are some important things that will distinguish the two from one another.



These are vertical posts on which a railing is being supported along a terrace or balcony. The posts can be made of wood, iron, vinyl, stone, concrete, etc. The word originated from the French word baluster, from Latin word balaustium, Greek word balaustion, and Italian balaustro.



This one is the entire installation and includes balusters positioned at equal distances from one another. The balusters are the ones holding up the railing that can be made from different materials. The entire feature creates a decorative edge along the terrace, balcony, balcony, or in any internal and exterior structures like landings, staircases, and others.

In simple terms, a baluster is the single post while a balustrade is comprised of several balusters forming a large unit which is then used as an aesthetic or safety feature.


Different Baluster Shapes

Balusters come in various shapes that are specifically designed to blend in with the style of the structure where it is supposed to be installed in. It can be used to add effect in any indoor and outdoor application. When it comes to the style and design, the sky is the limit for this one as it ranges from simple ones with clean lines, to the more elaborates designs and ornamental features with different embellishments.

Modern-Day Glass Balustrades

At present, any commercial or residential structure across the world make use of glass balustrades to add elegance and style to their buildings. Glass is a great choice as it creates an illusion of being open and having more space. These are also strong enough to be used in different applications.

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