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What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Health

There are many different kinds of vacuum packaging machines, each of which caters to a particular kind of food that is being packed. Aside from that, these machines may also come with their own packing style, and this one will depend upon the product’s expected storage life.

 What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Some types of food are highly perishable than others. These include frozen items and processed meats we normally see and buy in a local supermarket. In order to extend their shelf life, a vacuum sealing machine may be of significant help for this purpose.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Extends Shelf Life and Preserves Food

The main reason why vacuum packed foods have a longer shelf life is that air inside them has been suctioned out. In the complete absence of air, the different types of aerobic microorganisms they contain will hardly thrive.

Even if these microorganisms are not seen by the naked eye, they are present in your processed food items and are responsible for their premature deterioration.

Without a  high-quality vacuum sealer,  a tiny packet of air inside a food packaging is more than enough for these microorganisms to thrive with, causing them to multiply even more and spread. Eventually, they will cause the food item to have a fusty appearance and smell, rendering it unfit for human consumption.  

Saves You Money

Extending the shelf life of processed food items for longer signify less food spoilage. Needless to say, this works to your advantage because it means that less food you buy will ever go to waste.

Eliminates the Need for Additives

Unlike many other food preservation techniques passed on from generation to generation, the need for nasty additives in commonly consumed food items can be taken out of the picture with vacuum sealing.

The unsuspecting consuming public is unaware of the fact that commercially manufactured food usually contain additives to preserve and extend their shelf life. Long term consumption of such additives may possibly lead to serious health repercussions.

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Prevents Freezer Burns

Vacuum packing a food item will give it an airtight environment. This will help prevent the crystal-causing freezer burns from taking form and shape on your food. In addition to that, vacuum-packed food items help keep their moisture content intact for an extended period of time. This will help preserve the natural taste and flavors of the food item you, even months after you stored it.

Keeps Your Food Fresher for Longer

It will not only help prevent your food items from spoilage,  vacuum packing/storing will also keep the fats in your food items from ever going rancid. Aside from this, it will also help your food items retain and preserve their natural colors which normally changes when they are kept in the freezer for far too long.

Invest in your own vacuum packaging machine. It is practical and indispensable tool to have. You can have it for home-use but it is essential for businesses that are involved in the food manufacturing industry.

5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Machine Repairs

Is it high time that you buy your first or next in line packaging machine for your business? Soon after you crunched the numbers, weighed out all the possible pros and cons, and you’ve taken a look into other alternative options – what’s the next course of action you should take?

5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Next up would be making up your mind on the kind of packaging and labeling machine that you will want to acquire. The following points will help and guide you through this so that you can actually choose the best packing machine to use for your company as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Speed of Packaging Machine

The speed and the amount of products that you are intending to put out every single day in your business is one of the major determining factors on the type of packing machine that you will need to consider. Should this be the first time ever that you will invest in a packaging tool, then there may be no need for you to look into the big guns just yet. Don’t get yourself intimidated and buy the idea that bigger constitutes better quality. Start with whatever it is that you can, and you can take things from there.

2. Staff Training

The amount of training that your staff and personnel will need to go through will highly depend upon the type of packing machine you will acquire. This will also reflect on the education level they need to have with respect to the packaging machine as well as the number of hours that might be required of them to operate it.  

3. Variety of Packaging Options

The diversity of products that your business have on offer, as well as the goals you set, will all help determine the type and size of packing machinery would be best suited to your company’s packaging operation.

If you are anticipating to put out several varieties of SKU’s a day, the use of a premade pouch may work for you. A Form-Fill-Seal machine may not be a practical option here because it may take some time to set things up and changeover.

However, if what you have in mind is just to center your energy and attention to just one product line a day, and you will require a high output for that, a Form-Fill-Seal packing machine is your practical option since it will help meet your set goals

4.   Operating and Overhead Costs

Much like any other major purchase or acquisition that you will have for your business, the initial cost of your acquired packing machinery should not be your lone prime consideration. While there are machines that will come to you with a bigger upfront price tag, normally we expect them to run smoother, seamless to operate and thus have far better efficiencies.

5. Waste and Waste Disposal

It is paramount for companies that are involved in the manufacturing industry to have a high level of awareness on waste management. Global circumstances ushered us into a new era where business entities would exert some needed effort to reduce the waste they are producing were possible, and not only for financial reasons but also for environmental reasons.  Related: cryovac bags