Laird WiFi Antenna: Choosing the Perfect One

Posted on August 23, 2019 in Computing Energy

Laird WiFi Antenna: Choosing the Perfect One

With so many technological advancements we have today, it is easy to find one that will bring us the comfort and entertainment we seek. If you are looking for an antenna that you can use for your WiFi unit, you may have realized that the task could be a difficult one.

With so many options that are available today, the question is, how would you know which one to choose? If you happened to found one already, how would you know that it’s really the right one? It is important to choose one that is of high quality and will serve the purpose that you need.

Directional or Omni-Directional

First off, keep in your mind that Wi-Fi is a radio only that is hooked up to the computer. You will want to select an antenna has possesses the right directional or omnidirectional qualities and those that also hold a good gain like a laird wifi antenna. This type is like hooking up the external speaker to the stereo. Also, you need them so they would be able to do their task of sending out sounds a lot further and effectively. The same principle is applied to a wi-fi antenna as you would want the signal to reach further.

There are a lot of directional and omnidirectional antennas for you to choose from that are available in the market.

Directional Antenna

This type of antenna works best of you just want to send Wi-Fi signals from a router to another location.


This one is commonly used if you want to send signals to different devices. Also, this is utilized more as base and sends out signals to printers, computers, as well as other devices like PDAs.

Range of Signal

This is another consideration that should not be missed. The signal strength needed would be dependent on the distance with which it should be transmitted. This also depends on the kind of hindrances that may be in the middle of transmission like buildings and trees. Just to be sure, you need to choose an antenna that would be a bit over that what you need. This will give you enough without having to go overboard.

Antennas like a laird wifi antenna used for the home and vehicles are often the most accessible. At the same time, they are some of the easiest as far as installation is concerned. 

In most cases, you be needing one that you can place on a remote computer. If you happen to have a big house, you might need to install it directly on a router. However, you need to make sure that you have strong security if you decide to choose this. You need to keep yourself safe from hacking.

The Benefits of Cryovac Machine Commercial Application

Posted on August 15, 2019 in Home Resources

 The Benefits of  Cryovac Machine Commercial Application

Homemakers need to understand that cryovac machine commercial applications are slowly but surely finding their way to domestic uses, too.  Therefore, the sense of exclusivity on the use of these pieces of equipment mostly in the food manufacturing sector is now gradually fading out in the psyche of many people. 

A food vacuum sealer, otherwise known as cryovac machine, is an indispensable equipment that modern kitchens need to have. If you are a homemaker or a housewife struggling to make some savings on your food consumption will find these pieces of equipment overwhelmingly helpful in preserving and protecting your highly perishable food items, and keep them fresher for longer. 

Vacuum sealing your food item involves the complete removal/suctioning of air and air packets out from your food bag or container. After which it vacuum sealed for storage in the fridge.  From the very first day that food vacuum sealing or cryovac sealing was first introduced for domestic use, people realized it’s value in keeping their food items for longer. This has led them to use this type of machine more often than necessary. They tend to use it even more than any other kitchen appliance they have. 

Cryovac machine commercial applications can be usually seen in restaurants, hotels, catering food services and other similar business establishments where preservation of food is crucial and a topmost concern. Here are a few celebrated points regarding cryovac machines commercial applications. 

Saves Your Time

Homemakers and establishments in the food production sector will find the use of these types of machines time saving because it allows for vacuum sealing either a family-sized meal or individual snack portions, then bung in the freezer for storage. When the time comes that you want to consume them, you will just need to fix the portions you want to eat and you are all set. Cryovac sealing is an important tool to have if you want to cook Sous Vide dishes. Dinner is served fast after putting portions of food you to cook this way in your sous vide machine. Cook the food and you’re done.  

Protects Your Highly Perishable Food Items

Cryovac machines can help protect your highly perishable food items from freezer burns and dehydration. Freezer burn, this is a condition that is likely to occur when your frozen food item is damaged by oxidation and dehydration, brought about by air reaching your food. Food items that are not securely wrapped using air-tight packaging are prone to this.  

By vacuum sealing bag, you can keep air from getting in contact with your food items. This way moisture content from your food will not evaporate because it serves as an excellent barrier. 

The vacuum seal bag keeps your food from contact with the air, so moisture cannot evaporate, making it an excellent barrier.

Cryovac Machines Extends Your Food Item’s Shelf Life

When you vacuum seal your food item, especially those that are easily spoiled, you can easily prolong their shelf life. The process of vacuum sealing will help preserve food from 3 to 5 times longer as opposed to food items that are not and are just kept in plastic containment systems or bags. As for the exact amount of time that your food item will last in its vacuum-sealed package will have to depend on where you are planning to store it, in your freezer, refrigerator, or pantry.  

Improved Tastes of Vacuum Sealed Food 

Perhaps what can be considered as the most satisfying benefit of vacuum sealing your food can be seen in how they taste, how they register to your taste buds after you have them cooked. Vacuum sealing machines hold food moisture in, its juices remain intact and locks in its flavors. So, truly, you can only see the difference in how they taste.  


It’s been a while since cryovac machine commercial applications found their way to domestic use, too. They seal your food and stores them in organized, space-saving packages. Therefore, they take up less room in your freezer or fridge.  

So, we can say that these types of kitchen appliances are efficient technology that is geared towards making urban living simple, organized and convenient by its very unique way of keeping your food items fresh for longer. 


Plasma vs. Laser vs. Water Jet Cutting

Posted on July 11, 2019 in Machine Repairs

If you have been involved in the metal fabrication industry for quite some time now, chances are high that you might have asked yourself this quintessential question before, “plasma, laser or water jet cutting? Unfortunately, we don’t have a definitive answer for this, simply because it all depends on what you really put more value in. In order to put on a resolution to this dilemma, we need to have a breakdown of the technical and economic aspects of these primary metal cutting solutions. 

Plasma Cutting 

The working idea behind plasma jet cutting method is to utilize an electrically conductive gas so that energy can be transferred from an energy power source through a plasma cutting torch then towards the material that you wanted to cut.  Distinguished for its high-level of efficiency in cutting through a variety of metals, plasma cutting is earned a good reputation as being the least expensive among the three options to which we are giving details here:  


  • Economical
  • Cutting accuracy exceedingly better than 0.00*” 
  • Capable of cutting through a wide array of metals 
  • Faster cutting speeds
  • Impressive hole quality

Perceived Disadvantages 

Plasma vs. Laser vs. Water Jet Cutting
  • A lesser level of accuracy when compared to water jet cutting and laser cutting
  • In order to deal with different materials, you need to change the cutting edge.  
  • Creates fumes which are a byproduct of this cutting method. 
  • Slipshod edge quality  with some materials
  • Produces fumes in the cutting process
  • Poor edge quality on some materials
  • Laser Cutting

In order to cut a wide range of materials, laser metal cutting makes use, as the name itself suggests, laser beams. This method of cutting is a notch higher in comparison to plasma cutting because it utilizes a lesser amount of energy as it cuts through steel and aluminum.  

Laser Cutting Advantages

  • Allows for faster cutting of intricate shapes sans the need for tooling.
  • Cuts through various materials with  varying degrees of thicknesses simultaneously
  • Capable of  cutting through narrow widths
  • Efficient cutting method for both nonmetals and qualified metals. 
  • A fast method of cutting metal 
  • Efficient job processing
  • Reliable

Perceived Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

  • Much more expensive in comparison to other methods of cutting
  • Requires higher levels of accuracy when placing lasers
  • Difficult to use on reflexive metals


You can determine the level of accuracy of a cutting machine by making a comparative analysis of the actual measurements of the final part to the programmed part size. The absence of heat distortion is making water jet cutter most accurate, trailing behind it is last and plasma cutting.  


How Does Sonic Drill Work?

Posted on June 27, 2019 in Oil and Gas

Sonic Drill Technology

 How Does Sonic Drill Work?

Sonic drilling is an effective way to penetrate the soil. This is made possible by reducing the amount of friction that occurs on the drill bit and drill string by virtue of inertia effects,  liquefaction and the temporary reduction of soil porosity. All these factors together will make the drilling process on different types of soil, easy and seamless for our tooling and sonic rigs. Furthermore.  this technology allows for faster penetration rates in most types of bedrock.  

Sonic Mechanics

By engaging the drill head, you are actually taking the entire drill string to a vibration frequency of 150 Hz. This will cause a thin zone that is directly surrounding the bit and drill string to lose hold of its structure. This explains the reason why friction of the drill cuttings and soil is reduced and becomes fluid so that they can be flushed out or discarded off  from the borehole immediately with great ease. 

The drill bit vibrations will cause the soil to loosen up its structure and thus in the process will change its porosity and density. By this process, the cuttings and the soil in the sample barrel as well as up the drill string will eventually help the tooling to advance freely. 

The inertia effects and liquefaction will let you collect continuous and long samples. The drill string will remain extremely straight, with a slight deflection, because of its vertical,  high-frequency movement. 

Why Is Sonic Drilling  Valuable? 

  • Very much efficient with an extremely fast speed in penetration of the ground soil. 
  • Applying numerous types of samples 
  • Exceptional power output
  • Tooling penetration in a light-weight rig
  • Can be used even at severely polluted locations
  • Minimal smearing
  • Can extract high-quality samples, even in saturated soil layers
  • Pre-pack monitoring wells comes with a pre-shaped bentonite collars  
  • Low noise as opposed to the hammering element of probe rigs
  • Less wear and tear of casing threads compared to hammering
  • Casing threads have less wear and tear compared to hammering. 
  • Tiltable drill head  allows for easy handling of samplers

Fewer Problems, Lesser Power

Since the friction on the drill string is reduced, sonic drilling is now going to require less power in order to achieve the same conventional drilling effect. This is one of the unique attributes of sonic drilling that keeps the occurrence of drill string torsional forces at bay. 

Another key benefit of sonic high-frequency application is the great ease on drill string retrieval,  even if it is in boulders or expanding clays or in any other difficult situation. All rods used in drilling, tooling, and casing can be pulled off much easier and way faster.  

Sonic Drilling is Clean

There would be instances that you would not want to have anything to do with drilling mud, or perhaps even with water during a drilling process taking place. In sonic drilling, you don’t necessarily need drilling mud or air while the drilling process is taking place. 

With sonic drilling eliminating the need for water during a drilling job,  consequently it made this method a method of choice among geo-construction, geotechnical and even in environmental applications, too. Additionally, there are some special projects were sonic drilling was rendered so dry in overburden conditions. 


How Come Sonic Drill Is More Advantageous Than Traditional Drill Methods?

Posted on June 8, 2019 in Oil and Gas

 How Come Sonic Drill Is More Advantageous Than Traditional Drill Methods?

Compared to other drill techniques we now have, what makes the sonic drill more relevant and more advantageous? We may not qualify this technique as a brand new drill technology since it has been around for quite some time now, did you know that the industry up to this very day has remained to what we refer to as the “adoption phase”.

The adoption phase simply means that the contractors will need to educate their geotechnical, water well, mining and environmental clients regarding its nature, how it works, why it is more impacting and why it is a better choice of drilling technique compared to others. They need to help understand every important aspect about it first before they can fully employ it as a method of choice and not come across any form of resistance about it or going against it.  

Waste Reduction

By up to 80% of an entire drill process, waste can be reduced by implementing this type of drilling technique. It effectively removes slough by virtue of its casing advancement system. With this process in place, it allows for enhanced sample integrity even through dolomite, sand, limestone and many other unconsolidated materials.

Cleanest Method of Drilling

Sonic drilling technique does not necessitate the use of air or mud during the drilling process. This is one of the reasons why it has become the method of choice in geotechnical, geo-construction and for environmental applications, too.  

During the course of any mining project, air or water incorporated is likely to produce some kind of disturbance. This occurring can have a huge impact on the mechanical properties of the soil and thus would actually promote soil erosion. With this happening on the project site, it may induce partial landslide to happen.  

Lesser Issues with Lesser Power

Compared to other drilling techniques, sonic type of drilling requires less power. And despite all that, it can still manage to deliver the very same impact that traditional drilling methods are known to deliver. This also reduces the chances of torsional forces to occur on the drill string.

Sonic Drill is a Much Faster Method

By employing high-frequency resonance, the friction which is a usual occurrence observed between the encountered subsurface material and the core barrel can be reduced or mitigated in intensity. This allows for maximum core recovery to occur as well as to promote a more efficient penetration regardless of any condition of the subsurface.

Provides Relevant Information

Regardless of the soil formation that you have on your project site, sonic drilling method can still uniquely provide you with a relatively accurate core sample. It is good and has more value in it in the sense that it comes with unmatched quality.  Geologists, environmental scientists, and drillers will be able to determine exactly where the sample is extracted from considering the fact that will have 1% less deviation.


We are qualifying sonic type of drill as an inherently cleaner, more environment-friendly way to drill the earth’s surface, the reason being that it is likely to produce minimal amounts of traditional waste materials to which other drilling methods would only struggle to have. Thus, it proves to be a method of choice if your project is sited in what can be described as a sensitive geological location.  

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What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Posted on May 25, 2019 in Health

There are many different kinds of vacuum packaging machines, each of which caters to a particular kind of food that is being packed. Aside from that, these machines may also come with their own packing style, and this one will depend upon the product’s expected storage life.

 What Can a Vacuum Packaging Machine Do to Your Food?

Some types of food are highly perishable than others. These include frozen items and processed meats we normally see and buy in a local supermarket. In order to extend their shelf life, a vacuum sealing machine may be of significant help for this purpose.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Extends Shelf Life and Preserves Food

The main reason why vacuum packed foods have a longer shelf life is that air inside them has been suctioned out. In the complete absence of air, the different types of aerobic microorganisms they contain will hardly thrive.

Even if these microorganisms are not seen by the naked eye, they are present in your processed food items and are responsible for their premature deterioration.

Without a  high-quality vacuum sealer,  a tiny packet of air inside a food packaging is more than enough for these microorganisms to thrive with, causing them to multiply even more and spread. Eventually, they will cause the food item to have a fusty appearance and smell, rendering it unfit for human consumption.  

Saves You Money

Extending the shelf life of processed food items for longer signify less food spoilage. Needless to say, this works to your advantage because it means that less food you buy will ever go to waste.

Eliminates the Need for Additives

Unlike many other food preservation techniques passed on from generation to generation, the need for nasty additives in commonly consumed food items can be taken out of the picture with vacuum sealing.

The unsuspecting consuming public is unaware of the fact that commercially manufactured food usually contain additives to preserve and extend their shelf life. Long term consumption of such additives may possibly lead to serious health repercussions.

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Prevents Freezer Burns

Vacuum packing a food item will give it an airtight environment. This will help prevent the crystal-causing freezer burns from taking form and shape on your food. In addition to that, vacuum-packed food items help keep their moisture content intact for an extended period of time. This will help preserve the natural taste and flavors of the food item you, even months after you stored it.

Keeps Your Food Fresher for Longer

It will not only help prevent your food items from spoilage,  vacuum packing/storing will also keep the fats in your food items from ever going rancid. Aside from this, it will also help your food items retain and preserve their natural colors which normally changes when they are kept in the freezer for far too long.

Invest in your own vacuum packaging machine. It is practical and indispensable tool to have. You can have it for home-use but it is essential for businesses that are involved in the food manufacturing industry.


5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Machine Repairs

Is it high time that you buy your first or next in line packaging machine for your business? Soon after you crunched the numbers, weighed out all the possible pros and cons, and you’ve taken a look into other alternative options – what’s the next course of action you should take?

5 Key Points to Know Before Buying a Packaging Machine

Next up would be making up your mind on the kind of packaging and labeling machine that you will want to acquire. The following points will help and guide you through this so that you can actually choose the best packing machine to use for your company as hassle-free as possible.

  1. Speed of Packaging Machine

The speed and the amount of products that you are intending to put out every single day in your business is one of the major determining factors on the type of packing machine that you will need to consider. Should this be the first time ever that you will invest in a packaging tool, then there may be no need for you to look into the big guns just yet. Don’t get yourself intimidated and buy the idea that bigger constitutes better quality. Start with whatever it is that you can, and you can take things from there.

2. Staff Training

The amount of training that your staff and personnel will need to go through will highly depend upon the type of packing machine you will acquire. This will also reflect on the education level they need to have with respect to the packaging machine as well as the number of hours that might be required of them to operate it.  

3. Variety of Packaging Options

The diversity of products that your business have on offer, as well as the goals you set, will all help determine the type and size of packing machinery would be best suited to your company’s packaging operation.

If you are anticipating to put out several varieties of SKU’s a day, the use of a premade pouch may work for you. A Form-Fill-Seal machine may not be a practical option here because it may take some time to set things up and changeover.

However, if what you have in mind is just to center your energy and attention to just one product line a day, and you will require a high output for that, a Form-Fill-Seal packing machine is your practical option since it will help meet your set goals

4.   Operating and Overhead Costs

Much like any other major purchase or acquisition that you will have for your business, the initial cost of your acquired packing machinery should not be your lone prime consideration. While there are machines that will come to you with a bigger upfront price tag, normally we expect them to run smoother, seamless to operate and thus have far better efficiencies.

5. Waste and Waste Disposal

It is paramount for companies that are involved in the manufacturing industry to have a high level of awareness on waste management. Global circumstances ushered us into a new era where business entities would exert some needed effort to reduce the waste they are producing were possible, and not only for financial reasons but also for environmental reasons.  Related: cryovac bags


Fire Cabinets: Storing Flammable Liquids the Right Way

Posted on April 22, 2019 in Environmental Care

Do you store harmful liquids like acids, paints, corrosives, and inks in your facility? If the answer is yes, then you need to make sure that you store them properly. In this case, fire cabinets can be of great help. Below are the reasons why.

Avoid Problems

The proper way of storage can help avoid different types of problems. For instance, this is a way to ensure that not only or your staff, but even your facility are safe. At the same time, you can spare yourself from paying fines as you are storing chemicals correctly. One best way to keep flammable chemicals is by storing them insider for fire cabinets.

Protecting the Items

Another way that a fire safety cabinet could help is by enabling the safe storage of chemicals. In case of fire in the facility, the items in the cabinets are safe. This is mainly because they are kept and not exposed to fire because exposure can pose a great risk of explosion.

Even if the fire is just small, when chemicals are unprotected, they could intensify the fire. But with safety cabinets, you can prevent this from happening. Having these cabinets is an important step to prevent industrial fires. But, this is not the only step there is. You should also store the liquids in approved safety cans. Then store the cans in the cabinets for additional safety.

As you search for the right safety cabinet for your needs, you need to look at the different types that are available for you to choose from such as the following.

Cabinets for Flammable Liquids

This type of cabinet is commonly used for fire safety. It is specially made to safely store flammable liquids. This type comes in different sizes and has manual or self-closing doors. It is in bright yellow so it is easily noticeable.

Cabinet for Paints and Inks

Paints and inks can also be fire hazards. For them, there are special cabinets available that can hold 30-90 gallons and also comes with self-closing or manual doors.

Cabinet for Drums

This is big enough to keep an entire drum that has chemicals inside. You can choose from hazmat and regular models that come in different capacities like 55, 60 and 110 gallons. This cabinet is also painted in yellow.

Safety is very important for everyone. In fact, as long as the facility is safe, everyone can move freely and be more productive. In this case, it is important to employ proper ways to ensure safety. To prevent fire, then fire safety cabinets are a must. So, if you have plans of having one in your facility, take your time in selecting and get the right one for your specific needs.

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Health Concerns about Low T

Posted on March 22, 2019 in Health

Testosterone is a hormone produced in a man’s body, particularly the testes. This hormone helps a male baby in developing and forming his sex organs. Testosterone also greatly contributes in the physical development of boys during their puberty stage. This hormone is responsible in making a boy a man. It helps build bulky muscles, deepen the voice, and grow facial hair. In the adult stage, this male hormone is essential to men’s sexual function.

Low Testosterone

As men get older, testosterone levels in the body gradually declines. It is a normal process, as it is part of aging. The older men get, the lower the levels of testosterone drop. However, aging is not the only thing that could cause testosterone levels to go down. Injuries to the testicles, chemotherapy or radiation, HIV, and other serious illnesses especially involving the pituitary gland can also lower testosterone levels, and can even stop the testes from producing the hormone. Steroids can also trigger the decrease of testosterone in the body.

Low levels of testosterone can have serious effects on the body, and sometimes even lead to death, as shown in some studies. Some studies also show a strong linkage between obesity and low testosterone, which increases the probability of acquiring other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, depression, and weakening of the bones that could possibly lead to osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis can have brittle bones, and makes them more at risk of getting an injury. Everyone should keep a healthy lifestyle to help the body maintain its normal levels of testosterone.


Treating Low Testosterone

If your testosterone levels are low, based on your blood tests, your doctor may prescribe you the testosterone replacement therapy. However, testosterone replacement therapy is not recommended in patients with serious medical conditions such as prostate cancer, as testosterone aggravates the cancer. Testosterone replacement Sydney are available in different methods.

Most men choose to have the testosterone gel on their arms or shoulders, and other prefer to have the injections. Another method is the testosterone patch that slowly releases the hormone into the bloodstream through the skin. Testosterone pellets are also slow-releasing testosterone therapy that are implanted under the skin. Oral testosterone pills are also available for other patients.


Knowing When is the Treatment Needed

For the past recent years, advertising and marketing of testosterone replacement therapy has been growing. Many drug companies have heavily marketed products that are made to boost and treat low testosterone. Many of these drugs and medications are not readily available over the counter of drugstores. Over the last decade, the number of men using testosterone therapy has increased dramatically, according to a study. However, it is of utmost importance to be tested first before taking testosterone therapy. If you are having low testosterone symptoms, go see your doctor, so that you will know whether you really need the treatment or not. Do not self-medicate.

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Important Facts to Know about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Posted on February 22, 2019 in Health

Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular procedure for people, especially to those who are struggling to lose weight through various means. Surgery is considered to be an effective and safe solution to curb intake that helps shed pounds, which eventually results in improvement to the health of a patient.

If you are someone who is obese or struggling with constant weight gain, then a bariatric doctor can be of help. He may recommend gastric sleeve or other procedures. However, since each surgery is different from the other and each person has a different situation, it is a must to understand the different options and choose the right one in accordance to your needs.

Below are information that can serve as a guide to better understanding what kind of surgery a gastric sleeve is and other things involved in it. However, make sure that you speak with a medical professional who is capable of answering questions and to determine if the procedure is right for you.


What to Know about the Surgery?

  • Gastric sleeve surgery is also referred to as sleeve gastrectomy. There are those who sometime refer to it as “the sleeve”.
  • The surgery involves creating a so-called sleeve inside the stomach. Essentially, it is a thin and vertical passageway for the food to get through the digestive system.
  • This sleeve is created by excising a part of the stomach with the use of a surgical stapling device. The excised portion is then separated, thus leaving a smaller space of the newly created sleeve where food could pass through the digestive tract.
  • Given the lesser space in the stomach, the sleeve will cause the patient to feel full a lot more quickly when eating.
  • By reaching such level of fullness, a patient who receives the procedure can greatly decrease his food intake. Also, the person will be likely to eat smaller amounts of food as they feel that they don’t have enough room in their stomach for more servings.
  • Foods pass through the digestive tract like how it normally does and this is fully absorbed in the body. There is basically no alteration in the digestive process of the stomach.
  • Gastric sleeve is different from gastric bypass surgery through the weight loss results are similar. In the case of gastric bypass, the food bypasses a part of small intestine, thus altering the normal digestive process of the body.
  • The surgery is often performed laparoscopically which means that it is minimally invasive. Also, this means that the required hospitals stay will be shorter, which results to faster recovery with lesser pain and smaller scars.

Patients who undergo this procedure are advised to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle along with a nutrient-rich and balanced diet and the right amount of exercise.